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Stay in Sunrock Condo Hotel & Enjoy The Sand Bar

Staying in Sunrock Condo Hotel? Now you can also enjoy The Sand Bar! The Sand Bar is a beach club in Medano Beach where you can relax and take the sun during daylight, refresh with your favorite drinks and enjoy delicious snacks, while at night you can gather around a bonfire and experience a unique atmosphere.



To Eat

No matter the time of the day, The Sand Bar has the right menu to delight the most discerning palates. Enjoy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts and a drinks menu that includes wines and special cocktails to cheer your evening up.

Restaurant hours:

Breakfast from 8:00 to 12:00 hours.
Lunch from 12:00 to 18:00 hours.
Dinner from 17:00 to 22:00 hours.




The Sand Bar’s roof features 12 massages tables and 2 reflexology chairs where you’ll be pampered as you deserve while enjoying the best bay view.

Massage hours: 8:00 to 20:00 hours.








Enjoy Medano Beach at its best! The Sand Bar, through its Water Sports Activities Center, offers a variety of activities, kayaking, wave runners and more for a fun day at the beach.

Beach hours: 8:00 to 18:00 hours.






Know more at www.thesandbar.mx