Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

Embark on Exhilarating Pursuits During Your Stay

Sunrock Hotel offers a central location near downtown Cabo San Lucas. From here, it's just moments to the best attractions, activities and things to do in Los Cabos. Soak up some Cabo sun and plunge into the warm Pacific surf on brilliant white sand beaches. Embark on a fishing charter in waters teeming with Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo and so many Marlin that Cabo is known as the “Marlin Capital of the World.” Book a whale watching tour or swim with dolphins. Other exhilarating pursuits on land, sea and air include horseback riding, banana boat rides, parasailing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, scuba diving and snorkeling and jet-skiing. 

When planning your Los Cabos adventure, the friendly staff at Sunrock Hotel will be happy to recommend the best nearby attractions and things to do.

Tour to the famous Cabo San Lucas Arch

By walking through the Cabo San Lucas Marina you will find different service providers that will offer you tours to the “End of the Earth” as this rock formation is also known, this name is due That if you draw a straight line to the south, the next portion of land is Antarctica. You can hire a collective boat that will take you to the emblematic site, some have glass bottom to observe the marine life! Do not forget to take your camera to capture the photo memory and have it prepared at all times during the tour as you will find colonies of sea lions resting on the adjacent rock formations. You can also hire the boat-taxi service that leaves you at one of the neighboring beaches to the Arch and set an hour for them to pick you up, to spend an excellent day on the beach overlooking the Bay of Cabo San Lucas. All services are bilingual

Sport Fishing

Los Cabos, because of its pleasant weather, is ideal for sport fishing as the geographical position provides a great variety of marine fauna, regardless of the time of year. There is sport fishing for everyone, from the most experienced to the amateurs, the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean have coveted species that can be caught in Cape: legendary blue marlin, golden (mahi mahi), swordfish, tuna, sea bass, Mackerel, sawfish, roosterfish, some of the species from a total of 850 different varieties living here. Cabo San Lucas is the venue for the annual Competition of the Sport Fishing Circuit Organized by the Secretary of Tourism, the Bisbee Group and tourism service providers. The event attracts fishermen mainly from the United States and Canada, so there are many suppliers of Rent of equipment to practice this sport.

Surfing in Cabo

A favorite sport throughout the municipality. The magic of Cabo San Lucas offers the best waves with breathtaking panoramas, such as Monumentos Beach, or the Zippers and Costa Azul beaches where it also takes place the international tournament Cabo Open of Surf, where tourists have the opportunity to catch waves alongside international professionals of this sport. Undoubtedly, another spot that you cannot miss if you travel with your board is Cerritos, near the Magic town of Todos Santos. There you can rent surfboards to learn to catch waves with certified instructors, in addition to enjoying the beautiful sunsets that this land offers.

Whale Watching

There is no better place in Mexico to see whales than Cabo San Lucas. From December to March, whales can be seen jumping from the shore, and if you prefer, you can hire a whale watching tour, which allows you to see these friendly marine mammals up close. The Gray Whale in winter swims 19,000 km from Alaska to the coast of Cabo San Lucas to reproduce and give birth. Thanks to the shallow waters, of extensive marine life and pleasant temperature, an ideal climate is obtained for the breeding of the first months of the calves. The tours are diverse, from a small and fast boat to get the best photographs, to large boats that include amenities such as free bar in drinks and food, to pass a pleasant sea crossing and to enjoy the jumps and jokes of our marine visitors.

Camel Ride through the Desert

In Cabo San Lucas the desert meets the sea, and what a better way to know the coastline than with an exciting Camel ride by the shore. In the winter months, you can see whales jumping from the beach. You will enjoy the most exotic views of the desert heart of Baja, accompanied by expert guides and delicious food

ATV Tours

If adventure tourism is your thing, Cabo San Lucas has the best ATV tours. The routes have incredible views, with obstacles that will unleash your adrenaline. Co-drivers can be from 5 years on and pilots from the age of 16. All tours have certified guides and follow all safety measures and regulations

Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

The golden zone of Cabo San Lucas offers restaurants for all types of tastes and for all types of budget. International food, Japanese food and of course Mexican food are the ones that abound. As a recommendation, you can search the marina of Puerto Paraiso Shopping Center, where there is an extensive amount of restaurants offering fresh fish and seafood, from the daily catch.

Bars in Cabo San Lucas

The Cabo San Lucas nightlife is constant, you can find from quiet bars to enjoy a football game and a margarita, to night clubs and discos to dance and take the party until dawn. Most of the bars and discos are in the same area, and you can walk from one to the other. Other bars are located on the shore of the Medano beach where you can enjoy a delicious beer with your feet in the sand.

Stores and Shopping Malls

The Golden Zone is full of shops where you can buy souvenirs, bathing suits or even a gala outfits for a great night out. Puerto Paraiso Shopping Center is the ideal place to shop. Right next door we have Luxury Avenue, a place of the best brands in jewelry and other articles of the highest quality.

Visiting San Jose del Cabo

The sister city of Cabo San Lucas, is a place full of tradition and culture, the historic center with its plaza and the church are the ideal places to spend a Sunday with the family. Every Thursday some roads are closed to give way to the famous Art Walk where the main galleries of the area and independent artists take their works to the street to delight the passers-by, do not forget to pass the free wine tastings!

Tour to Todos Santos Magical Town:

Just an hour from Cabo San Lucas, you will find this magical village suspended in time. You cannot go without visiting the emblematic Hotel California, walk through the square full of culture and regional stores and without visiting the theater, which has an exceptional view. The beaches of Todos Santos are impressive, since now, we only see the Pacific Ocean from its shores. Here there are numerous orchards of organic products cultivated by the locals, go for something freshly cut from the orchard! Todos Santos also houses an oasis of fresh water called La Poza, a lagoon of abundant fauna and an incredible green that contrasts with the desert around it. Without a doubt, if you travel to Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos is a destination not to be missed.