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Stay Minutes from Top Attractions in Los Cabos

Let Sunrock Hotel be your gateway to everything Los Cabos has to offer. Our hotel is situated just minutes from the beach and downtown Cabo San Lucas attractions, shopping, dining and nightlife. 

About Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is the favorite tourist destination for national and international tourists, with ideal weather to enjoy its beaches all year round. Located in the southernmost part of the Mexican peninsula of Baja California, where two seas meet, the Sea of Cortez (also called the Gulf of California) and the Pacific Ocean. Here, the desert and the ocean come together creating breathtaking landscapes with only a few months of rain, allowing for endless tourist activities.

Cabo San Lucas joins its sister city, San José del Cabo, by a scenic road called the Tourist Corridor, where most of the beaches, golf courses are located, as well as a view of the sea all along the route. Both cities are in the Municipality of Los Cabos and together they form one of the main tourist destinations of Mexico.

Cabo, as it is also known, has gained popularity as a resting place for famous artists and musicians who prefer it for being a discreet destination, heavenly and close to the west coast of the United States.

Visiting Cabo

Most Cabo visitors arrive at the International Airport of San José del Cabo, while smaller flights arrive at the Airport of Cabo San Lucas. For lovers of the sea and the nautical crossings, Cabo has a very active marina with all the amenities to accommodate your boat.

The climate in Cabo varies for months; the average annual temperature is 82 °F, although during the summer months it can reach 98 °F. Tropical Cyclone season starts in September and ends in November.

El Medano Beach

Playa El Médano known for its dunes, its lights, soft white sand, as well as its perfectly turquoise waters, and which is also considered safe for swimming, has an extension of several kilometers.

It is the main and most popular beach in Cabo San Lucas, where hotels, bars and restaurants offer all the benefits that most people expect from a top-notch tourist destination.

This beautiful place is the best choice whether you choose an activity such as jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, volleyball or to just hang out and enjoy the beach parties.


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